Serpent 411 Sport 1/10 EP - Hobby Circuit
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Serpent 411 Sport 1/10 EP

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Sport type, clublevel 1/10 scale 190mm electric powered touringcar. 4 wheel-belt-drive, RCM hydraulic shocks, front nylon spool, rear geardiff, independent suspension, black glass-fibre shocktowers, chassis and top-deck. Fully upgradable to race spec. No electronics, tyres/wheels, or body included.

Serpent 411 Sport features

Supernarrow, symmetrical , durable black glass-fibre  chassisplate with optimised flex design, countersunk holes, central section holes all perfectly in center, pockets for geardiff, spool and spur.

Durable black glass-fibre topdeck with optimised flex design.
Battery-mount brackets and  Lipo-holders
Easy to use nylon batter tape holder, which allow the battery tape to run over instead of under the chassis. The holders can be reversed for other battery position. The Lipoholders will securely keep the Lipo in place, also at hard impact.

The servo is mounteded on a seperate plate, so flex is less influenced. 

Shocktower front
Black glass fibre  shocktower with  3 upper shock mounting holes to choose from . Holes for an extra central bodypost are already made as well.

Front bracket
Machined alumnium front brackets, with belt tension adjusting through excenters. Suspension brackets in durable nylon.

Front suspension
Durable lower front wishbones connected to the inner brackets with strong steel pivot pins.  An anti-roll bar system can be mounted as option.

C-hub / steeringblock
The c-hub type front system creates a super precise steering feeling with great feedback, and strong wheelguidance without chatter.

Shocktower rear
Black glass fibre  shocktower with  4 upper shock mounting holes to choose from . The rear bodyposts are mounted to the top of the rear shocktower.

Rear bracket
Machined alumnium rear brackets, with belt tension adjusting through excenters. Suspension brackets in durable nylon with  3.0 RR RR and split type  0.0 blocks RR FR

Rear suspension
Durable lower rear  wishbones connected to the inner brackets with strong steel pivot pins.  An anti-roll bar system can be mounted as option.

Rear upright
Strong rear uprights with 2 upper positions, for perfect guidance of the rear wheels.

Machined aluminium  motormount  / middle shaft support.

Middle shaft
Ballraced middle shaft  with 2 small pully’s and  the main Serpent spur gear.

Large foam front bumper captured by a upper and lower nylon bumper

Front bodymount is mounted trhrough the front bumper, and the rear ones are seated on the shocktower. Multiple bodyposiiton holes to choose from.

Very compact ballraced geardifferential in the rear, with steel gears and axles for durablity. Supersmooth.

Front nylon lightweight spool with screw mounted front gearpully

Transmission / belts / pullies
Smooth low friction fine pitch  belts combined with optimised nylon pullys

Driveshaft / wheelhex / wheelaxle
Steel driveshafts, combined with ballraced wheelaxles  and nylon wheel-hex adaptors

Steering  system
Steering system with  optimised ackermann for neutral steering-feeling.

Latest type RCM  competition shockabsorbers  with membrames and checked colorcoded race springs.

Fully ballraced with oiled high speed sealed stainless steel bearings.

Manual and decals:
Full color assembly manual which shows clearly all assembly steps, has all exploded views  for easy parts-finding and  detailed list with spare parts and optionals.  Decal-sheet with Serpent and 411 logo’s are included as well.

The 411 Sport comes in a strong small carton box with full color printing.

Optionals / upgrading
The Serpent 411 Sport is based on the high end race version of the 411.  All parts from the 411 race-version and also all optionals, alsof fit  the  411 Sport.  This allows you to upgrade your  411 Sport  to a higher level race spec step by step, with the parts  you  select.  The 411 Sport parts manual  shows those parts, and you can find them in the optionals section of the 411 Sport as well.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester