Pro Amps RC is a manufacturer of high end, high performance Batteries, chargers, servos and brushless motors for the club Racer and the international professional  .

The Team at R/c Industries International are true believer’s that a brand is not a successful brand without the trust and belief of its customers may it be distributors, dealers or the end user  who put their trust in us to design and develop not only what they want but what they need and without the trust of our customers or our passion and commitment in the r/c industry none of this would ever be possible you have to love what you are doing and have trust in your customer base  to succeed and that’s our company belief and motivation to bring you the best the r/c industry has to offer .

Pro Amps RC (5)

Pro Amps BLS108 Professional Brushless Servo


Pro Amps 4200mah HV 2S 60c Hard Case short pack LiPo Battery features Silica Graphene Cell seperation Grid


Pro Amps 6000mah HV 2S 60c Hard Case LiPo Battery


Pro Amps 4000mah-7-4v-2s-2p-30c-roar-approved-lipo(tamiya rounded)


Pro Amps BL138 STD HV Professional Brushless Servo